To the HSP Support Community:

We have elected to permanently close the forum here at, since it has fallen into disuse.

We originally conceived of the forum as a way for people with HSP (or family members of people with HSP) to communicate with one another, share stories, and get advice in semi-real time. For a while, the forum did serve this purpose.

However, it was created coincidentally around the same time as the rise of smartphones and both Twitter and Facebook. We suspect those factors, along with our own neglect of the forum's upkeep, led to the gradual decline in its use by the people who visit our site.

At the same time, maintaining a bulletin board has been the most maintenance-heavy and security issue-prone portion of our site, without question. The ability to create accounts here at was an open invitation for all kinds of spam-bots and other web-based bad actors to try to infiltrate or hack our site.

The combination of these factors has led us to the decision to close the forum, permanently. Visitors to will still be able to reach us (the site owners) through the normal
contact form, and the rest of the static information here at the site will not change (except for updates or improvements occasionally).