Submit Your Story (How To):

If you would be willing to share a permanent, static record of your family’s story about HSP for inclusion here in the HSP Stories pages of HSP Support Dot Org, we would be honored to have it. Here are your options and how to proceed. You may submit:

  • Photos (which will be resized if they are high resolution)
  • Videos of no more than two or three minutes (which may also be edited or scaled for file size)
  • Original text which tells your story (or your child’s) in your own words.
  • If you have any questions about other types of files, ask us!

If you’re not sure what or how to write, have a look at some of the other examples here. But feel free to be creative as well!

Some people may not feel comfortable sharing personal details such as photos or videos - or even names - on the publicly-available Internet, and we understand completely. You need not send photos if you’d prefer not to. However, for your story to be included in this area, it must contain at least some text information; this is not simply a guestbook or list of names. For those who would like to share, welcome (and thank you for helping make this site better)!

Please also be aware that you may instruct us to delete your story at any time, for any reason. Similarly, we reserve the right to refuse stories we feel inappropriate for the site for any reason. No
guarantee of the ability to place a story here is implied or offered by us. The finished product will look much like our own story with HSP, which is the first page in the HSP Families area. VIP-mail-area

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