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• Diagnosed! Now What?

If you or your child has just been diagnosed, chances are good that you've never heard of HSP before now. Click on After Diagnosis in the menu to the right to learn more about HSP, including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and long-term prognosis.

Important: if you have not been diagnosed, and you have any of the symptoms listed there - or even all of them - that is still not a guarantee that HSP is the correct diagnosis. Seek professional medical care immediately; only a doctor can diagnose you conclusively.

• How Should We Deal With This?

A diagnosis of HSP can be overwhelming, and no two families will deal with it in exactly the same way. But many families have been through this before. Click the Coping Strategies page in the menu on the right, or here, particularly if your child is the patient.

• Links and Resources

As with any long-term illness, educating yourself about the condition is important. Our links page in the menu on the right - or here - is where you'll find links to helpful resources and articles.

• Talk with others

This is where we used to have a link to our Discussion Board here at Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that it no longer makes sense to try to maintain this feature of our web site. Please click the link for a further explanation, and thank you for visiting

• HSP Stories

See other families' stories, and share your stories, pictures and videos here.

• Who We Are

The admins of this site are a married couple living in the southern United States. Our daughter was diagnosed with HSP in March of 2008, just after her seventh birthday. If you would like to read our personal story, see our story on the HSP Stories page. If you would like to contact us regarding HSP or the site, use the Contact Page.

Both of us hope you find this site not only useful, but also comforting. Having gone through it ourselves, we understand very personally that watching your own child suffer with an unusually severe case of HSP may seem awful - no, actually, it IS awful - but we can tell you that you can get through this. We have been where you are, and we know that it can be done. And the good news is that for the vast majority of families and patients there is an end in sight, a positive ending with no permanent harm to the HSP patient. is paid for out of our own personal funds. There is no advertising nor commercial interest of any kind, nor will there ever be, at least as long as we remain the owners and administrators. This site is for families who are struggling with HSP, the same specific medical condition that our daughter Meredith (and indeed our whole family) struggled with. This site is here to help you, hopefully.

If you feel that it has helped you or your HSP patient, or your family,
drop us a line; it would make our day to know about it. Please do NOT feel compelled to send money to help with site costs. Although we are not wealthy by U.S. standards, the costs to maintain this site are not huge in absolute terms. And if you're the parent of a child newly-diagnosed with HSP, you have more than enough to worry about already. If you want to help others who may be where you were three or six months ago (or even longer than that), struggling with a fresh diagnosis of HSP for their child, please consider sending in your child's story for inclusion on the HSP Stories page.